About PRTC

At first glance you may think the “C” in PRTC stands for “Communications.” After all, we are a communications company. But the “C” in PRTC stands for something more important. It stands for “Cooperative” – and that’s what matters most.

More than communications, more than wireless and telephone and internet, we are a cooperative. As a cooperative, we work together. Our customers are members. And membership keeps us connected.

As a cooperative, we are local. We provide superior service to our members. From 24/7 technical support to network solutions, our employees are committed to service. PRTC is local service you can count on.

As a cooperative, we’ve been around since 1951. We’ve seen products come and go (what’s a Car Phone?) and methods of communication rise and fade (Did you try to beep me?). We can count on technology to continue to develop, change, and grow.

Yet through the years past and the years to come, no matter how our communications change, one thing will always remain the same: PRTC is your local cooperative.