High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet from PRTC connects your home to the news, information, music, movies, and social media you experience everyday. And with our dedicated local service and 24/7 tech support, we’re committed to keeping you connected.


New Faster Speeds

Stream, work, and learn from home with new, faster speeds from Piedmont Rural Fiber!


Fiber up to 1000 Mbps1

(Upload speed 500 Mbps)



Fiber up to 500 Mbps1

(Upload speed 250 Mbps)



Fiber up to 200 Mbps1

(Upload Speed 100 Mbps)


Ordering is Easy

Simply select from one of our three available plans to
get started. If you have any questions about High Speed Internet or if fiber is available in your area,
feel free to contact us.


DSL up to 20 Mbps1



DSL up to 12 Mbps1



DSL up to 6 Mbps1


Which plan is right for me?


Up to 20 Mbps2


Up to 12 Mbps2


Up to 6 Mbps1

Online Gaming
Streaming HD Video
Online Meetings
Video Chat
Downloading Movies
Emailing Large Files
Watching Video Clips
Music Downloading & Streaming
Sharing Posts
Social Networking
Web Surfing & Emailing

1. Maximum download speed.
2. Subject to a 2-year service agreement. Requires a home phone line.
3. Individual results will vary, but generally, the higher your speed, the better your online experience can be.


The Lifeline program provides a discount on phone or broadband service for qualifying low-income consumers.


 For income guidelines, click here: Lifeline Guidelines
For an application, click here: Lifeline Application
For information about broadband use, click here: Broadband Standards